This is Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a metropolitan giant of today. With its luxurious hotels, exceptional architecture, year round sunshine and ideal golf conditions during the winter months Abu Dhabi has developed itself into one of the world’s best golf destinations. Whether in the heart of the desert or along the turquoise coloured coast, Abu Dhabi has some of the best golf courses of the middle east. In regards to tourism and golf, Abu Dhabi has stood in the shadow of the extroverted Dubai for quite some time. However, with courses such as the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and Yas Links, Abu Dhabi has long caught up with Dubai.

In a landscape of 200 natural islands, deep green oases and a never ending desert, Abu Dhabi offers many highlights.

Along with noble Hotels and exclusive shopping opportunities, the capital offers visitors an extensive range of excursions. The Sheik Zayid mosque which is the world’s third largest mosque impresses the public with its architecture, capacity for 40,000 believers and its exquisite structure. A visit is a definite must when in Abu Dhabi. When in the Old Town, the visitor has the chance to see the Al Ain Museum which exhibits the cultural history of the emirates, the heritage villages, harbour along with the fish market and the Corniche mile which is lined with palm trees and beautiful gardens and parks. A visit to the new Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari world is also very impressive. Lovers of the sun will be spoiled by the stunning beaches of the Arabian Gulf.

The best time for a golf trip to Abu Dhabi is from October to April, with average temperatures at around 25°C. Abu Dhabi’s time shift is two hours ahead and the flight time from Germany is 6 hours. Ethihad offers daily direct flights from Zürich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. Interesting for golfers: Golf equipment with a maximum weight of 15kg is accepted as free luggage and will be transported as checked luggage free of charge. This free luggage is applicable along with the free luggage allowance.

You can enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the hotels and other establishments with a license to sell alcohol.